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Teeth Whitening In Milpitas and San Jose

Tooth discoloration is a concern for some of our patients in our Milpitas and San Jose dental offices, and in general, achieving whiter teeth has become a popular goal for many people. Unfortunately, your tooth enamel becomes naturally stained and worn with age, and from regular exposure to certain kinds of food and drink. This is when professional teeth whitening can help.

Two Types Of Teeth Discoloration

Before we at Sweet Tooth Care perform any teeth whitening application, we need to understand what the cause of the tooth discoloration is. There are two main ways in which your teeth can become discolored:

Extrinsic Tooth Discoloration: This is when the tooth enamel becomes stained from food and beverages. Coffee, red wine, and other acidic dark colored drinks when consumed over time will eventually turn the enamel more yellow. Smoking is also another way the teeth can become less white.

Intrinsic Tooth Discoloration: The tooth mainly consists of two parts, the dentin and the enamel. The enamel is the whiter outer part of the tooth, while the dentin is the inner structure of the tooth. The dentin is naturally more yellow in color. When the enamel becomes thinner from normal wear over time, more of the dentin's yellow color shows through.

Dental Exam Before Teeth Whitening Procedure

These two natural yellowing factors will continue to make your teeth become less white over time. However it’s important that you have a dentist examine your teeth before you start a teeth whitening treatment to ensure there are no other factors that might be involved.

At Sweet Tooth Care, we offer teeth whitening to Milpitas and San Jose residents whose teeth are not as white as they once were. We understand that a beautiful smile is very important to making a good first impression, which is why we provide teeth whitening services to patients of all ages in our dental practice.

Having a dental exam before you start any whitening procedure however is important so that we can make sure that any tooth discoloration is caused from one of the cosmetic reasons listed above and not the result of a more serious dental issue.

In Office Whitening In Under 2 hours With Zoom! Laser

ZOOM! laser whitening is an easy way to achieve a whiter, brighter smile -nothing whitens better or faster. It is ideal for anyone looking for immediate results. In one 2 hour session, your teeth will be significantly whiter, as much as 6 to 8 shades. Unlike over the counter whitening products that produce unsatisfactory results, ZOOM! whitening is the professional medical solution.

Zoom whitening is basically a teeth-bleaching procedure performed in our offices. A hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth. Then an overhead lamp delivers UV light to the teeth which breaks down the activated gel. This allows oxygen to enter the enamel and dentin, whitening the color.

If you have any questions regarding this method of teeth whitening, we would be happy to consult with you regarding the ZOOM! procedure in our Milpitas or San Jose dental offices.

Before and After ZOOM! Whitening
yellow teeth white teeth after treatment Restorations and photography by the doctors at Sweet Tooth Care.

Deep Bleaching Whitening

We also do deep bleaching when needed. It's a combination of an in the office treatment along with home tray treatments. This is a more tedious process, but the results are pretty amazing. Perfect for coffee, tea and tetracycline stains.

Deep bleaching is a relatively new process. It utilizes a powerful 9% hydrogen peroxide solution for the in the office part of the treatment. Then we create a custom fitting tray for your home treatment.

When these are combined, the results are superior than the typical ZOOM! and other branded treatments. We have tried many different solutions to come to this point, where we're very satisfied with the results. We judge this by our patient's feedback. They are impressed with this treatment. And we see they truly feel more confident and happy with their smile.

Before and After Deep Bleaching Treatment
teeth before bleach treatment white teeth after bleach treatment Restorations and photography by the doctors at Sweet Tooth Care.

Whitening For Life Program

Sweet Tooth Care is always looking for ways to help as many people as possible to have beautiful, white, healthy smiles, and so we are pleased to offer our patients a program we call - Whitening for Life!

When you come to one of our two San Jose office locations for your initial dental exam, we will provide you with custom made bleaching trays and material for a one-time enrollment fee of $99. At each six month cleaning visit, we will provide you a complimentary touch up kit of bleaching gel to be used with the tray. This will ensure that you will be able to keep your teeth bright and beautiful for life!

In order for this program to be effective in keeping your teeth as white as possible, it is important to keep your six month preventative and cleaning visits current.

Is Whitening Really For You

Almost everyone can benefit from some from of teeth whitening, but it is important to understand that previous dental work will have an impact of any teeth whitening procedure. Previous restorations, tooth fractures, oral disease, and even tooth sensitivity, are just some of the factors that will be taken in consideration before whitening your teeth. If possible teeth whitening should be done before other dental procedures such as dental crowns so that they can be matched to the lighter color.

Here at Sweet Tooth Care we understand the importance wanting to keep your radiant smile as beautiful as possible, and that is why we offer a number of teeth whitening options for all our patients.

If you are a new or existing patient, we look forward to your answering your all your dental questions. Please call the Milpitas or San Jose office to talk with us about the Zoom! teeth whitening method, our deep bleaching procedure, or the Whitening for Life program.

Email us any questions you or schedule an appointment.

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