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Solea Laser let's us do fillings without the drills and shots.
No more anxiety. No more needles. And no more drilling.

This is pretty new technology. It's very different from the typical laser system you see in most dental office, such as Biolase Laser. Typical laser only works on the gum, not on teeth. Solea Laser cuts both the tooth and gum, so we can use to do fillings. It works on both hard and soft tissue.


How does the laser work?

The laser works by having the laser energy interacting with water on the tooth to gently trim away the tooth structure. There's also a continuous water stream with our laser to keep the tooth cool, hence eliminating the painful sensation heat causes. And of course, no more loud drilling noise to drive you nuts.

How is the laser better than drills?

The laser is highly precise, much more than a drill. This results in smaller portions of your tooth needed to be removed for us to access the area damaged by the cavity. The laser doesn't have vibration of a conventional metal drill, fewer stress cracks develop in the crystal structure of the tooth. Your tooth stays stronger after the filling.

How much do laser procedures cost?

Nothing extra. It's just part of our cavity fillings procedures. We do this, because we will have more and happier patients. That's how we cover the cost. Thanks.

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