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All about insurances

Insurance is a pain and confusing, but we're here to answer all your questions.

What insurance do you accept?

We accept most insurances out there. We are in-network provider for: We deal with most insurances that Bay Area companies have. However, our practice does not accept medi-cal insurance at this time.

What is my co-payment?

I wish there was a straight forward answer here, but this depends on your plan. It's usually a certain percentage of the total fee. But call us, and we can help you figure this out.

What treatments do insurance cover 100%?

A good dental health plan usually covers preventive treatments like exams and teeth cleaning twice a year. This also covers exams and x-ray. These are super important, because if you really do these every year, chances you won't have to spend big bucks on expensive procedures like root canal, implant or gum surgery.

Can I use my flexible spending account?

Yes, your flexible spending account can be used for dental treatments. You can use it for fillings, crowns, dentures, nightguards and Invisalign. We'll always give you the needed paper work for you to file a claim for your flexible spending account.

What if I don't have insurance?

No big, Delta Dental insurance sets the fees for our pracitce. And we use this fee schedule for all our patients, insured or not. If you're concerned about the cost, we can set up payment plan for you. Just call us and we can explain it to you.

Will my plan cover the care my family will need?

We will have to take a look at your plan to help you with this one. You can call us and we'll help you figure this one out.

Do you take medi-cal dental?

Sorry, we don't at this time. You can contact (800) 322-6384 to find a medi-cal dentist around this area.

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